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Coaching Resources

At the grassroots level, there is a difference between a GOOD coach and a GREAT one. While the differences may be subtle, they can make a world of difference to the athletes --- and SW Hockey wants to help support the making of GREAT coaches!


Hockey Canada Network APP - From drills, practice plans, video and expert information, Hockey Canada’s definitive collection of player development resources is now available to all coaches.

Drill Hub - Hockey Canada Drill Hub is a resource for players and coaches of all levels. It has a growing library of drill videos, diagrams and descriptions categorized by skills, age group and other criteria.  Coaches can, review video as well as create practice plans and share them with their coaching staff, player or parents.

Here you will find a brief description along with a list below; of resources to help support you as a Coach.

1. Core Skills - These are Long Term Player Development Pathway Checklist. They fall in line with the LTAD Models for athletics in Canada.

2. Practice Plan - Examples of age appropriate practice plans.  Think time management, player reps and touches, ice usage, purpose & focus of activities.

3. Skill Evaluation - Gives coaches a set of skills to evaluate their team at the beginning, during, and the end of the season.  Could be used to help track skill development over time, focus skill development individually and as a team.

4. & 5. Player Pathway (Abridged and Full Versions) - Gives coaches an opportunity to understand the depth and breadth of the development path for ages in focus. Great information for all the frequently asked questions (FAQs) that player developers need to understand the What, Why, and How the Canadian Hockey System is trying to develop current and future players.

Coaches Site

These are a community of like-minded coaches that focus on sharing innovative tools and resources to build better programs, practice plans, and team dynamics.

Hockey Alberta - The Coaches Site

TEMPLATES - Practice & Game

*NEW* Game Card

  • Tri-fold Pamphlet
  • Download PDF, Print LANDSCAPE format, DOUBLE-sided.

Practice Planner (Full Ice)

Practice Planner (Stations)

Practice Planner (Half Ice)

News, Articles & Videos

  • From a Child's View - To demonstrate how a full sheet of ice looks to a child, adult players were put onto an extra large rink with giant nets to simulate what a child sees. Let's not forget this perspective, and PLAN so hockey is FUN!

Nutrition for Young Participants

Click Here - Hockey Alberta partnered with Communities ChooseWell who have provided a number of articles that provide tips and suggestions on how to eat well and promote healthy living during the hockey season.