2023-2024 SEASON

Volunteer Bond Overview


Encourage Association members to become actively involved in the operation and SUCCESS of Southwest Hockey.


Many of our members are unaware of how much volunteer work and fundraising is necessary to operate a quality hockey program.  The Volunteer Bond Program was introduced in the 2015/2016 season as part of the amalgamation; to encourage members to come forward and help out. The time commitment is reasonable and the help is beneficial and appreciated!!

Participation in this program is mandatory of registration with SW and in no way does it exclude families from volunteering with their player’s team.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Volunteer Bond commitment is to the Association. Parents still have an obligation to their kids' team(s) to support & ensure their team(s) have sufficient volunteer coverage throughout the season. Although the Volunteer Bond component may be completed, parents MUST STILL actively participate at the team level ensuring that the workload is shared.

Value of Bond

It is EACH FAMILY’S OWN responsibility to ensure they meet the program commitment and to ensure they report their credits to the Director of Volunteers.

  • $500 per family for Community
  • $350 per family for House League


If you have a child playing in both the Community Program and House League Program, you MUST fulfill the Volunteer Bond requirements for the Community Program.

Deadline to submit your VB Credit information is FEBRUARY 15 of the current season.

Submit information to: Director of Volunteers or Asst Director of Volunteers. 


Volunteer Opportunities

All opportunities are listed in SignUp.com.  There is a quick link at the top of the page or you can click the SIGNUP.COM logo.


This link provides volunteer opportunities, that are available throughout the season. Each Association Approved activity will be assigned a credit amount.

To find information specific to the Volunteer Lead role see the link below.

For information on all the "Approved Association Volunteer Opportunities" click the button below to see the positions that are available within the Association.  If you have a skill set not listed that can be a benefit to the Association please contact the Director of Volunteers to discuss.


Volunteer Opportunities

Bonus Opportunity Phase

Division Lead Responsibilities

Dressing Room Responsibilities

Eval Team Responsibilities

Volunteer Lead Responsibilities

Welcome Table Responsibilities

Supporting Documents

Volunteer Bond Agreement

FAQ for Volunteer Bond

How to Avoid the VB Fee

Awards & Recognitions

Our Association would not exist without the efforts of our Volunteers!! 

There are many deserving people and each year we are proud to be able to recognize some of you for your contributions! 

To see all the wonderful recipients CLICK HERE




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