Our Story

The Southwest Hockey Association was established May 3, 2016 as a result of a merger between then Associations, Shaw Meadows Hockey Association and the Southland Hockey Association.

Southwest Hockey is a VOLUNTEER driven organization that is dedicated to hockey players in our community from Cubs to U18. Southwest is a community member Association operating under our governing bodies; Hockey Calgary, Hockey Alberta and Hockey Canada.

Mission Statement & Objectives

Mission Statement

To make hockey a fun and rewarding experience for all participants through a program that provides an organized and disciplined approach to developing hockey skills.


Southwest Objectives

  • To encourage, promote, coordinate, improve and provide the means to enhance the experience of all those who wish to play, coach or otherwise become involved in the sport of hockey.
  • To also provide a safe, fun, and fair environment in order to promote the improvement of the participants’ basic hockey, coaching skills, and referee development

Governing Bodies

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Governing Body - LOGOS v1

Official Documents


Southwest Hockey Association, Approved by Alberta Societies 2016 May 3


Southwest Hockey Association Updated ---> 2023 NOV 6

For questions or concerns regarding Official Documents you can contact;
Administrator - admin@southwesthockey.ca
President - president@southwesthockey.ca  

Board Meetings

Monthly Executive meetings are held on the first Monday of the month with the exception of holidays.  Meetings are held at Cardel Rec South.
If you wish to present at a monthly board meeting please contact the President or Administrator

Southwest Hockey Association
2023-2024 Scheduled Board Meetings

JUN Meeting June 5, 2023DEC Meeting December 4, 2023
JUL MeetingJuly 3, 2023JAN MeetingJanuary 8, 2024
AUG MeetingAugust 14, 2023FEB Meeting February 5, 2024
SEP MeetingSeptember 11, 2023MAR MeetingMarch 4, 2024
OCT MeetingOctober 2, 2023APR MeetingApril 1, 2024
NOV Meeting November 6, 2023MAY Meeting May 6, 2024

Annual General Meeting

established-2016 - black
Annual General Meetings of Southwest Hockey Association

As per our Bylaws the AGM is held in May of each year;

Southwest Hockey Association - Established May 3, 2016

Awards & Recognitions

Our Association would not exist without the efforts of our Volunteers!! 

There are many deserving people and each year we are proud to be able to recognize some of you for your contributions! 

To see all the wonderful recipients CLICK HERE


Southwest Hockey is always looking for sponsors at the Association Level.

Our Sponsorship Coordinator would be happy to assist with any inquiries.

For more information please contact:

Sponsorship Coordinator - sponsorship@southwesthockey.ca
Treasurer – treasurer@southwesthockey.ca
Administrator - admin@southwesthockey.ca




Southwest Hockey Association
107, 333 Shawville Blvd SE
Calgary, AB. T2Y4H3
Drop Off: Cardel Rec South - Reception Office
Email: admin@southwesthockey.ca
Also available by appointment