U7 Timbits

Registration will be open;

June 15, 2023 @ 1:00pm MST till August 8, 2023 @ 11:59pm

.... Late fee is effective August 16 based on availability

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U7 Timbits

The U7 division continues to be sponsored by Tim Hortons and is a mandated program in Calgary for 5 and 6-years old.

The program focuses on skill development and the FUNdamentals of the game for the participants, coaches and parents. The U7 Program and its Rules and Regulations are all outlined in the "Intro to Hockey" information on the Hockey Calgary website or using the link below.

Typically, U7 Junior are made up of participants who are 5-years old and the U7 Senior are 6-years old. However, it is possible to have either age in each category. Decisions for placement are determined through a simple evaluation process mid to late September.



Hockey Canada announced mandatory ½ Ice Hockey for the U7 Program starting in the 2017-2018 season across all Minor Hockey Associations in the country. The U7 Program provides children the opportunity to learn fundamental movement and fundamental sport skills in a quality sport program tailored just for them.

Why Cross-Ice Hockey??

  • More Puck Touches (2x greater).
  • More Completed Passes (5x greater).
  • More Shots on Goal (6x greater).
  • Better Ice Utilization.
  • More participants are active during each ice session.
  • Increased competition for all participants.


  • There will be two (2) ‘Pathway Skates’ scheduled prior to your ‘Evaluation Skates’.
  • Pathway Skates allow players to get back onto the ice in a less formal setting before the Placement Skates occur.
  • While Pathway Skates are not mandatory; they are highly recommended.

For more information on Pathway Skates -- CLICK HERE



Did you know? --- This program is run by volunteer coaches from the parent group?

This division requires 2 Coaches to carry all the Head Coach certifications.

For assistance about Coaching contact: coaches@southwesthockey.ca or



New to hockey?  Click the link below for more information and resources about equipment. Additionally, it is important to note:

  • Hockey sticks should be between the child’s chin and nose --- while ON skates.
  • Hockey Tape should also be put on both the ‘butt end’ and blade of the stick.
  • Skates ‘out of the box’ are NOT sharp. They will need to be sharpened prior to the participants first skate session.

Thanks to Tim Horton's, each participant in U7 receives a Timbits jersey that they get to wear for the season. The jerseys must be worn during each practice, game and tournament that the team takes part in. No name bars and or sponsor bars are permitted on the jerseys



Participation in this program is mandatory of registration with SW. The benefits of volunteering are enormous to you, your family, and our hockey community.

If you have a child playing in both the Community League and House League, you MUST fulfill the Volunteer Bond requirements for the Community League.

For assistance about Volunteering contact: volunteers@southwesthockey.ca or asst-volunteers@southwesthockey.ca


U7 SCHEDULE 2023-2024

LENGTHPredominately 60 minutesPredominately 60 minutes
PRACTICE LOCATIONSPredominately: Cardel Rec South (CRS) or Oakridge (OAK)Predominately: Cardel Rec South (CRS) or Oakridge (OAK)
GAME LOCATIONSHome Games: Cardel Rec South (CRS) or Oakridge (OAK)
Away Games: South Arenas
Home Games: Cardel Rec South (CRS) or Oakridge (OAK)
Away Games: South Arenas
WEEKDAYSNo Association schedule. Teams may schedule events.No Association schedule. Teams may schedule events.
PRACTICE RANGESAT - 6:30am-11:45am
SUN - 6:45am-11:45am
SAT - 6:30am-11:45am
SUN - 6:45am-11:45am
GAME RANGEHockey Calgary schedules games for JR's on SaturdaysHockey Calgary schedules games for SR's on Sundays
# of ICE TIMES40-4540-45
MAX # of GAMES1620
SCHEDULESubject to ChangeSubject to Change
Note: The 6:30am & 6:45am start times are used on a limited basis, if needed.


Each of these events require separate registrations;

SW Prep Camp - Registration opens June 15, 2023

Learn to Play - Registration is expected to open August 1, 2023. This event is managed by Hockey Calgary and will be held at Stew Hendry. If you live in Southwest boundaries then you MUST be registered with Southwest in order to participate in this Hockey Calgary program.

Timbit Jamboree - Registration is done at the team level by the Manager/Coach. This event is managed by Hockey Calgary.

Click on the event below for additional information;


Typically occurs mid to late September

Ready to register your U7 Player?

U7 is for participants born in 2017 & 2018

2023-2024 U7 Fee: $840




Southwest Hockey Association
107, 333 Shawville Blvd SE
Calgary, AB. T2Y4H3
Drop Off: Cardel Rec South - Reception Office
Email: admin@southwesthockey.ca
Also available by appointment