2023-2024 SEASON


Southwest Hockey is proud to announce that Village Sports has been selected from the RFP submissions as this season's 2023-2024 support provider!!

The Association is very excited to be partnering with Village Sports this Fall.

Updated information regarding Evaluations will be posted on this page by AUG 18, 2023.


If you are looking for information regarding your child's evaluations your FIRST point of contact is your "Age Division Coordinator".

When emailing your Age Division Coordinators you can send your email to both contacts in your division.

If there is no Coordinator Name listed for your Age Group, then contact the Director of Evaluations or Asst. Director of Evaluations for assistance.

To access the contact list --> click the Evaluation Contacts button above.


Appropriate Behaviour (Participants AND Families)
Bullying in any form will NOT be tolerated on the ice, on the bench, or in the dressing room or hallways. Any instances will be treated with ZERO tolerance and your child(ren) will be asked to leave immediately. The Association depends heavily on the volunteers to assist in monitoring such activity to ensure the inclusion and safety of each child in their purview. Please speak with your child(ren) so they are aware of the consequences.


Adhere to Respect in Sport. Parents / Family Members / Spectators who are displaying poor actions do not create a positive environment or support the minor hockey evaluation process. The Association has expectations of ALL our participants regarding respect, bullying and appropriate behaviours, and that extends to ALL parents, family members and spectators.

In order to continue allowing the viewing of ice times, the Association requires full cooperation from everyone. Our Association is made up of parent volunteers, and we all hope for the best experience for our athletes and volunteers. It would be upsetting to have to exercise our right to remove individuals from the arena due to a lack of respect and inappropriate conduct.


Pathway Skates

The Player Pathway Program is supported by the Hockey Canada Long-Term Player Development Model. This framework provides the guiding principles for age appropriate and skill specific programming for all players in Hockey Canada’s youth hockey system.

A player’s first experience in the new hockey season should not be a formal tryout. The Pathway skates give players the opportunity to get back on the ice in a more player friendly environment helping even the playing field, as not all players go to hockey schools or prep camps prior to the start of the season.

This is open to fully registered participants at no cost!

Southwest Hockey is excited to announce that we have extended this opportunity to ALL divisions!!

2023 -2024 Pre Season "Pathway" Skates

Pathway Skates will not start before August 28th
House League2 Click Here2023 AUG 17
U72Click Here2023 AUG 29
U92-4Click Here2023 AUG 17
U112-4Click Here2023 AUG 17
U132-4Click Here2023 AUG 29
U152-4Click Here2023 AUG 29
U182-4Click Here2023 AUG 29

Evaluation Schedule

While this schedule is subject to change, we wanted to give our members a general idea of the days their participant(s) may skate.

important notice_yellow

The schedules below are created as a "print friendly" version. Be sure to review the "Notes" on each schedule! It is the members responsibility to stay up to date on any changes in your division. The Evaluation Coordinators will be using your email as a source of communication.

2023 -2024 Evaluations Schedule

House LeagueClick Here2023 AUG 17
U7Click Here2023 AUG 17
U9Click Here2023 SEP 14
U11Click Here2023 AUG 17
U13Click Here2023 AUG 17
U15Click Here2023 AUG 17
U18Click Here2023 AUG 17

Checking Clinics for U15 (2010)

It is a requirement in Southwest that every 1st year U15 (2010) player attend a checking clinic PRIOR to their evaluations. Southwest Hockey provides this clinic FREE for registered participants.

This clinic has a 'Part A' and a 'Part B' --- BOTH of which the participant MUST be in attendance for in order for the checking requirement to be considered complete.

Our partner - Pinnacle Hockey Development will be conducting the sessions. Focus will be making/receiving contact, confidence on both sides of the check, proper angling and all other elements.

  • If your player attended a checking clinic over the spring/summer, send proof of the checking clinic to the Administrator. With proof your participant would then not be required to take the SW Checking Clinic.

HOW TO SIGN UP --->"The Administrator will send information directly to the registered 1st year (2010 born) U15 participants the week of August 21st with instructions on how to sign up for the checking clinic."

If you have questions, please contact: admin@southwesthockey.ca

Evaluation Documents & Forms

2023 - 2024 Season

Evaluation Procedures & GuidelinesClick Here2023 AUG 30
Frequently Asked QuestionsClick Here2023 AUG 18
HYBRID (U11 Player/Goalie) "FAQ"Click Here2023 JUL 19
Evaluator Code of EthicsClick Here2023 AUG 18
Evaluation Team Roles & ResponsibilitiesClick Here2023 AUG 18
Evaluation AppealSee "Section 24" of the Evaluation Procedures & Guidelines document above.2023 AUG 18

Evaluation Drills

Drills are subject to change.  For questions please follow up with your Evaluation Lead for your division.




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