Community Registration will open;

June 15, 2023 @ 1:00pm MST till August 8, 2023 @ 11:59pm

.... Late fee is effective August 9 based on availability

Community League 2023-2024

The Community stream is Hockey Calgary's largest stream of hockey.

This program is available for participants ranging from U7 to U18.

There is an "evaluation" process that will place participants on either a tiered (U9 to U18) team or a balanced (U7) team in their division of like-skilled players within their age group. NOTE: in U15 & U18 teams are tiered in each a Body Checking division and a NON-Body Checking division (see below).

The season is structured into a Seeding Round from Oct-Nov and Regular Season from Dec-Mar. All Community teams U11 through U18 participate in City Playoffs in March.

SW U9, U11 (tier 1-5) & U13 - Teams are divided into a North and South Region and SW teams only play in the South Region.

U11 Hockey Alberta Development Plan (U11 HADP) - The SW U11 HADP team plays across the city against all other U11 HADP teams

U11 HYBRID - This means that the participant has the opportunity to play as both a ‘skater’ and a ‘goaltender’. There will be a question on the registration form that asks if your participant is interested in this position. Please review the Hockey Calgary U11 Hybrid Goalie Policy for an overview and expectations of the policy prior to registration. NOTE -- this position pays the "Player" registration fee.

SW U15 & U18 teams will compete against other community hockey teams from across the city. Participants can choose to register to play in a Body Checking or NON-Body Checking Division. Through registration you will select which division the participant wants to evaluate in.

  • The Body Checking division has 3 teams that are tiered. There are limited spots and typically we have more participants choose to evaluate in this division. In this case participants who don't successfully evaluate in Body-Checking will continue in evaluations but will be moved to the NON Body Checking division.
  • The teams in NON Body Checking are also tiered.
  • All Participants will be placed as per their evaluation tryout.


Evaluation Skates: Start in "September & ends early October; based on age groups

Once the evaluation skates have concluded and the team placements have been done you will receive your team information from either your Coach or a TeamSnap invitation.


For assistance about your Team Placement contact your age division coordinator.


Teams are assigned practice ice by Southwest and games by Hockey Calgary. This creates a varied schedule from week to week. Should teams wish to acquire additional practice ice and seek out additional games and tournaments at their own expense, they are free to do so within the guidelines set forth by Hockey Calgary.

When the evaluation process has concluded you will receive an invitation to be added to your team in TeamSnap. Once that is done you will see all your schedule information there.



OCT 15, 2023


The cash-call is a dollar amount paid by the parent / guardian to the team in order to help fund the team budget.

 October 31st is the deadline for cash calls to be paid to the team.

 Funds that have not been spent by the end of the season (where cash calls were provided), are to be reimbursed to the parent / guardian who made the cash-call; only up to the amount of the original cash-call. Under no circumstances are publicly raised funds permitted to be paid to parents / guardians.

For assistance about Cash Calls contact:



January 12-20, 2024 ---

This event is held every season in January for U9 to U18.

Schedules Available - Dec 8, 2023


Did you know? ... This event has won a Guinness Book of World Records for the largest ice hockey tournament! The Hockey Calgary 37th Annual Minor Hockey Week Tournament which was contested by 664 teams totaling 10,922 players from JAN 5-13, 2007. 957 games were played over the week on 42 different ice sheets in 34 ice rinks across Calgary. There were 2,694 Coaches and 450 Referees used during this tournament.



Did you know? --- This program is run by volunteer coaches from the parent group!!

Teams require 2 Coaches to carry all the "Head Coach certifications".

For assistance about Coaching contact: or


Participation in this program is mandatory of registration with SW. The benefits of volunteering are enormous to you, your family, and our hockey community.

If you have a child playing in both the Community League and House League League, you MUST fulfill the Volunteer Bond requirements for the Community League.

For assistance about Volunteering contact: or

Ready to Register?

Registration will open June 15, 2023

If you have any questions or concerns please contact;

Southwest Registrar





Southwest Hockey Association
107, 333 Shawville Blvd SE
Calgary, AB. T2Y4H3
Drop Off: Cardel Rec South - Reception Office
Also available by appointment