2024-2025 SEASON

Withdrawal Form

Fields marked with a * are required

If you have registered with the Southwest Hockey Association and need to withdraw you will NEED to complete the online form.

There is a non-refundable administration fee depending on the program, for withdrawing after registration. Review the specific program details for information.


  • The date and time stamp on the submitted form will be used as part of the refund policy.
  • The refund policy is documented in the Registration Information. You will find it in the Registration Fees & Information document - Click Here
  • If your player will be playing for the Calgary Buffaloes or the Calgary Royals then no administration fee will be withheld for withdrawing from the "Community League".  A 100% refund will be issued for all fees received.  It is YOUR responsibility to complete the withdraw form to initiate the refund.


If a family officially withdraws from Southwest Hockey, through the online Withdrawal Form, for any reason during the season the Registrar will notify the Director of Volunteers of this withdrawal. The family will then not be required to complete the Volunteer Bond if at the time of withdrawing the bond had not yet been completed.

If a family has not officially notified the Association that they are no longer participating; the Volunteer Bond requirement may still be applicable and would be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Contact the Director of Volunteers regarding your VB commitment if you have questions.

Be advised that as soon as you submit this form your player is no longer permitted to participate in any Southwest Hockey Association activity, on-ice or off-ice due to insurance reasons.

Withdraw from PREP CAMP

The refund policy can be found in the camp details for each age group on the Prep Camp page.


Withdraw from U5 CUBS

The refund policy can be found in the Info buttons on the U5 CUBS page.

Withdraw from Fall and Winter Programs

This form is for Community, House League & Development programming.

The refund policy is documented in the Registration Fees & Information (Section 21).

You will find it on the Registration tab - Click Here.

The Academy, Blueliner, Cougars Club, Power Skating and  refund information can be found on their respective tabs.