2023-2024 SEASON

The Respect in Sport (RIS) is a mandatory program under the playing rules and regulations of Hockey Alberta and Hockey Calgary. As of the 2018-2019 season Hockey Alberta instituted re-certification of the RIS Parent program every 4 seasons with the goal of continuing to educate members. One parent or guardian must complete this 1 hour online program BEFORE registering.

There is a nominal cost to the program and no pre-registration code is provided.

IMPORTANT NOTICE -- A participant’s registration will be considered “incomplete” if the member does not have a valid expiry date on the Respect-In-Sport “PARENT” Certificate, at the time of the participants registration.

*** If you completed the course correctly, the certification automatically uploads to your child's profile as soon as you are done ***


How can I check to see if my certificate is still valid;

You can look up your certificate by using the email address that you completed the course with. The email address doesn’t currently have to be an active account to look up the certification – CLICK HERE

How to add a new participant to your existing RIS Certificate:

If your RIS Parent is current and you are registering a new participant, you are not required to complete the RIS again. You will need to login to your RIS account and go into the "child management" section to add them -- CLICK HERE

How to IMPORT a valid certificate:

If you have completed the RIS - PARENT course with another organization, you can import your certification number to Hockey Alberta’s portal -- CLICK HERE

My certificate is expired or I have never taken the course;

  • There is a nominal cost to the program and no pre-registration code is provided.
  • You must select your “home Association” to avoid delays. The list is alphabetical, scroll down till you find the correct option!
    • Do NOT choose any version of "Calgary" under the Association list.
    • DO choose "Southwest Hockey Association"
  • To re-certify or take the course for the first time – CLICK HERE


Contact the Respect Group Inc. Help Desk. Southwest does not have access to your information, on your behalf.

Ready to take the RIS Parent Course?

Remember the list is alphabetical, scroll down & choose "SOUTHWEST HOCKEY ASSOCIATION"




Southwest Hockey Association
107, 333 Shawville Blvd SE
Calgary, AB. T2Y4H3
Drop Off: Cardel Rec South - Reception Office
Email: admin@southwesthockey.ca
Also available by appointment