2023-2024 SEASON

MANAGER - Essential Piece


On behalf of the Southwest Hockey Association Board of Directors; Volunteers, Coaching Staff, Players and Parents; THANK YOU for volunteering to be a Team Manager.

The role of a Team Manager is an integral part of a successful coaching team! YOU are the conduit between the team, the coaches the Association and Hockey Calgary League Chairs.

Aside from the coaching staff, the person most in touch with the families is the Team Manager. The purpose of this role is to ensure the smooth operation of a team’s 'off-ice' administration to allow the coaches to concentrate on the ‘on ice’ activities.

NOTE: Ultimately, the responsibility of ensuring all off-ice tasks are completed, lies with the Team Manager.  Therefore, it is VERY IMPORTANT to follow up and stay connected with your parent volunteers to ensure duties are being completed.

Manager Meetings

Each season, shortly after team selection, a Team Manager Meeting will be held by the Southwest Administrator, to assist with orientating Team Managers with an overview of the season. This is a mandatory meeting for all U7 to U18 Team Managers."

OCT 10 - Manager Meetings: U7 --> 5:30pm - 7:00pm, Jets Room, Cardel Rec South

OCT 10 - Manager Meetings: U9 --> 7:30pm - 9:00pm, Jets Room, Cardel Rec South

OCT 11 - Manager Meetings: U11 / U13 --> 5:30pm - 7:30pm, Maple Leafs Room, Cardel Rec South

OCT 11 - Manager Meetings: U15 / U18 --> 8:00pm - 10:00pm, Maple Leafs Room, Cardel Rec South

Additional Dates



OCT 13 OR OCT 18 - U9 Rink Board Training (Coaches) --> A MINIMUM of two (2) Coaches from EVERY U9 team is to attend this training. Attendance will be confirmed. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP.

OCT 15 - Picture Day: Schedules are posted in TeamSnap. More Information CLICK HERE --> Stay Tuned

NOV 15 - Hockey Canada deadline for Coach Certifications is November 15th EVERY year!

You're the Team Manager Now What?!

We understand that being a Team Manager can feel overwhelming at times. Our website and the resources that are offered are meant to help you navigate your way through the season!

**UPDATED** Manager Guide:  CLICK HERE

Manager PowerPoint Presentation: CLICK HERE

NOTE: As a Team Manager, if you come into this position "late"; then there will be some “catching-up” to do.

PLEASE don’t hesitate to contact the Administrator at: for further guidance.

Ice Scheduling

Questions about ice scheduling?

Many questions are answered in the FAQ provided at this link:  CLICK HERE

If after reviewing the Ice Scheduling page, and you still have questions, please contact the Ice Scheduler. The contact button is at the top of the page.

SW Bottle Drives

Bottle Drive_Managers Tab

LET US KNOW, and increase your chance at a more successful bottle drive!

Check out the list below to see what teams have been in which communities.

Email the Webmaster to have your Bottle Drive details posted here!

We will also schedule your event into our Social Media so people know you are coming!!


It's a Win-Win - You keep 100% of the money raised from your Bottle Drive and you help us get more kids into sport!

Find out why should you Partner with KidSport for your team's bottle Drive? Click Here


2024 JAN 6U13 5 BLUE9:30am - 12:00pmEvergreen, Millrise,Shawnessy, Somerset & Briddlewood
2024 JAN 2U9 4 GOLD10:00am - 12:00pmEvergreen & Bridlewood
2023 NOV 25U13 3 BLUE2:00pm - 4:00pmWoodlands, Braeside, Palliser, Canyon meadows and Southwood
2023 NOV 19U9 4 GOLD10:00am - 12:00pmSomerset, Bridlewood, Braeside, Oakridge and Evergreen
2023 NOV 5U15 NBC 31:00pm - 3:00pmSouthwood and Canyon Meadows
2023 NOV 4U11 59:00am - 11:00amEvergreen
2023 OCT 29U13 611:00am - 2:00pmBraeside and Palliser

2023 OCT 29U7 SR SHARKS10:00am - 2:00pmChinook Park/Kelvin Grove
2023 OCT 28U11 3 BLUE9:30am - 12:00pm Bridlewood, Somerset and Millrise
2023 OCT 28U7 SR CANUCKS10:00am - 1:00pmSilverado
2023 OCT 28U11 SW 2 BLUE10:00am - 12:00pm Oakridge and Cedarbrae

2023 OCT 28U7 JR KINGS12:00pm - 2:00pmWoodbine/ Woodlands
2023 OCT 21U11 4 GOLD2:00pm - 4:00pmCederbrae
2023 OCT 21U15 NBC 12:00pm - 4:00pmBraeside
2023 OCT 21U15 BC 310:00am - 1:00pmOakridge and Cedarbrae
2023 OCT 21U13 3 GOLD10:00am - 2:00pmChinook Park, Kingsland, Haysboro, Southwood, Willow Park, Acadia
2023 OCT 21U9 2 BLUE10:00am - 1:00pmShawnessy
2023 OCT 15U13 5 BLUE10:00am - 2:00pmSomerset, Bridlewood and Evergreen.

2023 OCT 15U11 1 GOLD1:00pm - 4:00pmHaysboro & Southwood
2023 OCT 15U13 SW 49:30am - 12:00pmPalliser, Bayview & Haysboro
2023 OCT 14U11 2 GOLD10:00am - 12:00pmCanyon Meadows
2023 OCT 14U9 1 GOLD10:00am - 1:00pmEvergreen, Shawnee Slopes and Millrise
2023 OCT 14U7 SR BRUINS9:30am - 11:30amBraeside
2023 OCT 14U9 3 GOLD9:30am - 11:30amOakridge
2023 OCT 14U13 SW 2 10:00am - 12:00pmWoodlands and Woodbine
2023 SEP 30U11 HADP10:00am - 1:00pmOakridge, Woodlands, Woodbine and Cederbrae



Southwest Hockey Association
107, 333 Shawville Blvd SE
Calgary, AB. T2Y4H3
Drop Off: Cardel Rec South - Reception Office
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