Rink Board Support for U9

Rink Board - Pic

With the implementation of the ‘portable rink board divider systems’; specific to the U9 age divisions, every U9 team will require volunteers to help ensure the set up and take down the ‘rink-boards’ in a safe and timely manner.

NOTE:  The U9 ‘Rink-Board’ Support volunteers are NOT to go on the ice at all. The purpose of this position is to help bring the panels from the storage location TO the gate, for the coaches to then set up on ice.

When a team is responsible for removing the panels, the U9 ‘Rink-Boards’ Support volunteers will meet the coach at the gate and then take the Rink Board Divider System from the gate and place on the cart. The cart / panels will then be placed in the storage location; as per the facility.

IMPORTANT:   ONLY coaches who are on the Official Team Roster are to be on the ice, setting up the boards. At NO TIME should parents be on the ice; due to insurance reasons.