Jersey Parent Role

Jersey Parents are an important part of Team Operations!

In order to ensure the longevity of the jerseys provided to teams, special care and attention MUST be taken. Teams are assuming the financial responsibility; therefore, it is their duty to ensure jerseys remain in good condition through the season.

Jerseys must be washed on a CONSISTENT basis.

Specific care instructions will be provided by the Director of Branding each season to the Team Manager, Head Coach and Jersey Parent(s) as well as posted here on the SW Hockey website.

BOTH the HOME and AWAY jerseys MUST be brought to EVERY game.

Jersey Guidelines

  • Game jerseys MUST be retained by the Team Jersey Parent for each team, and are NOT to be used in practices and are NOT to be sent home with individual participants.
  • Upon arrival to a game, the Jersey Parent is to drop the jerseys off to the coach OUTSIDE of the dressing room; whereby the coach will distribute the jerseys to the participants.
  • After the game, once all participants are re-dressed and coaches have concluded their post-game discussion with the participants, may the Jersey Parent then gather the game jerseys.
  • Name bars will be permitted ~ ONLY IF the Association approved company is utilized. Details will be provided to the Team Manager and Head Coach.
  • Jerseys are ONLY permitted to have Association level Sponsorship crests; as approved by the Board of Directors. Team level sponsorship crest are NOT permitted.
  • ‘‘C’s” and “A’s” should NOT be permanently affixed to the jersey. Contact the Director of Branding with regards to acceptable methods of attachment, in order to avoid any replacement costs at the end of the season as a result of wrecking the jersey.
  • Alterations are NOT permitted on any SW Hockey supplied jersey; without the PRIOR consent of the Director of Branding & Equipment.
  • ALL game jerseys MUST be returned to the Association at the end of the season.